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Michaelia Cash

Michaelia Cash

Senator Michaelia Cash was sworn in as Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on 18 September 2013.​​

  • 457 visas, ChAFTA, union hypocrisy

    21 August 2015 - Sky - Paul Murray Live - [Transcript]

  • Unions demonise foreign labour but employ their own 457s

    18 August 2015 - ​The revelation that multiple trade unions in Australia have employed subclass 457 visa holders is an act of incredible hypocrisy and duplicity given the long-term campaign the union movement has waged against the 457 programme. - [Media Release]

  • Taskforce Cadena strikes again

    13 August 2015 - In the latest Taskforce Cadena operation led by the Australian Border Force (ABF) on Tuesday, 11 unlawful non-citizens living and working illegally in regional Victoria were successfully located and detained. - [Media Release]